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Hi people,

I've been using Vista for a while and I'm looking to upgrade to 7. However, I'm low on money at the moment and I don't particularly want to pay hundreds for it. I searched for windows product keys and found(Link Removed) that seems to be selling them at low prices, having bought them in bulk.

Now, just to state this, I have no intention of pirating Windows 7.

I'm slightly suspicious of this site since the prices are almost too good to be true. What do you think of it? Is it for real or is it a scam?

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I'm slightly suspicious of this site since the prices are almost too good to be true. What do you think of it? Is it for real or is it a scam?
The old adage is so true here:

"If it looks too good to be true then it probably is". My advice is, "Don't touch it."


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Wow, bad grammar etc. These folks have it all. Definitely steer clear.
C'mon a $90.00\500 PC license.
I wouldn't even buy one of the "nifty" Win 7 product badges they advertise for fear of getting infected with something like the Bubonic Plague or something like that. LOL.

One option is you could purchase an Upgrade DVD since you already have Vista.
It can be used to do a clean install as well as an inplace upgrade.

There are instructions in this forum about how to do a clean install with an upgrade DVD.
Instructions are also to be found by Googling.

Another option is an OEM DVD.
It is much cheaper than a full retail product but has a few limitations.
(1) It can only be installed on one machine after install, that is it can't be activated on another machine once installed and activated
on your computer. That means that if you purchase or build another machine you would need to purchase another copy of Win 7.
(2) The other limitation is that MS won't provide support. Since OEM products are intended for a system builder the system builder is the support.
Also when you buy an OEM product you only have either the 32 bit DVD or the 64 bit DVD not both like the full retail or upgrade product.

link for 32 bit OEM Win 7 Home Premium ---->> - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - Operating Systems

Below is a link to the Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade

The upgrade contains both the 32 bit and the 64 bit DVD's.

If your Vista is 32 bit you must use the 32 bit upgrade DVD if you perform an in place upgrade.
Same thing for upgrading 64 bit Vista.

As you can see either option is much less than buying full retail.

Another thing is this, it's likely that all you really need is the Home Premium version.

For most folks there is no need to spend the "hundreds" needed for Ultimate, Enterprise or Pro versions.

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