Windows 7 Professional does not boot the first time.


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Any time I boot Windows 7 Professional on my laptop it does not start the first time.
I get only a blinking cursor on black screen.

I need to switch it off and re-boot it then it starts perfectly.

It does that all the times. :frown:

Any suggestion?

Thank you


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Are these original cold boots or after sleep or hibernate?

You may have some driver or software that is not loading correctly the first time.


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This is a shot in the dark, but it sounds like you have some harware that is loose, or worse, in the laptop. By worse, I would say there is the possibility of a faulty circuit inside the graphics chip which, after warming, "resits". On subsequent reboots I would guess your computer had no more problems?
If that is so, the remedy is (almost) unobtainable. To get such a chip repaired is sometimes not worth the expense on a laptop.

But, optimistically, pay heed to Salt Grass's suggestion. Try first to look in the startup tab in Msconfig and untick a few items there.


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It does happen only on a cold boot, and just the first time.

It happens when I try to boot from an USB key or external drive too.

I guess it is really a hardware issue

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