Windows 7 Professional - Sharing Files for Full Edit

I setup a new computer with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) to share its files to the rest of the office that runs Windows XP. All confirm seeing and able to edit the files, but when saving, it doesn't overwrite original, it saves an entire new copy.

Any help with this would be great! We wish to keep the original and just overwrite when editing and saving.

Thanks again....

hi everyone...if you can post any of your initial thoughts on this i would greatly appreciate. i have found no answer to this issue.


does ANYONE have any comment on this? i cannot find a solution. thank you for any advise on the subject....


probably, just an idea, a security issue with the shared folder - make sure all users have full control permission in this folder

it needed to be updated to sharing with Everyone with read/write.....wrong permissions.

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