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Hi there,

I am allowed to download Windows 7 Professional for free since Auckland University is part of the Academic Alliance Program.

MSDNAA - International Schools

They are only providing the x64 bit version of Windows 7 Professional at the moment and I am wondering whether it should be alright on my laptop.

I am currently using Windows 7 Release Candidate x32 bit version.

HP Pavilion dv5-1209ax
2.1 AMD Athlon x2 Duo Core Processor
4GB Ram
ATI HD 3650 Graphics
Windows 7 RC x32 Operating System.

HP aren't proving Windows 7 x64 Drivers for my laptop at the moment but will the x64 Vista drivers still work?

Since I am using x32 Vista Drivers for Windows 7 RC x32 bit, should it be the same for Windows 7 Professional x64 version with Vista x64 Drivers.

The link for the drivers are here:

Also what is the difference between the x32 and x64 operating system? Which one is better?


Your laptop should perform as well if not better under the 64bit version. You could backup whatever you need to or move files to another partition and then try installing the 64bit version. From what I have read the Vista drivers seem to be working for the most part. Then again, there really isn't any need to rush into changing. You could wait for HP to properly update their drivers for W7 and then go ahead with the install. It's up to you! Rememer, you can't perform an upgrade from 32bit to 64bit so it will need to be a clean install and you will lose everything on your chosen drive. This post sums up 32/64bit pretty well.


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There are pro's and cons to both versions

32 bit- can run under less resources (1 gig min) have an easier time finding drivers than 64b, and runs in a smaller foorprint. Its cons are it can only have 4 gigs ram (and use 3.3), is slightly slower than 64.

64- is somewhat faster, can use much more ram, is the OS of the future. Its cons are getting drivers, It runs hotter and some laptops power cfg dont work smoothly. there is no flash player in 64 bit. It runs in a bigger footprint, needs more resources, and runs hotter

You make the call


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...there is no flash player in 64 bit..
Just to clarify that a bit so you don't get the impression that flash isn't available on 64bit Windows. It's simply that there isn't a 64bit version of Flash yet so if you are using a 64bit browser then it will be Flash-less. Of the main browsers for Windows only IE and Firefox are available in 64bit versions anyway. Chrome and Opera are too, but only on Linux/BSD for the minute.

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