Windows 7 Professional x64, GPT-formatted disk and Intel DG45ID


Yesterday a sudden disk crash got me new 512GB drive and I decided to use the mishap to play with GPT partition tables. In addition to the different Windows versions, I use different flavors of BSD a lot and on my systems I often feel a little bit limited by the number of bootable primary partitions I can create with MBR.
The goal was installing the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Professional on a brand new GPT-formated disk, which is attached to my Intel DG45ID mainboard. My attempts to reach the aforementioned goal though fail miserably for the last 24h.
I have some questions I'd like to ask:
1. Is there something else to do after enabling "UEFI boot" option on my BIOS settings. I have read about complex EFI infrastructure such EFI shell, EFI bootloader, EFI bootmenu etc. After enabling the aforementioned option nothing similar appeared.
2. I have read that booting Windows from EFI-capable machines requires EFI boot partition which is created automatically from Windows Setup if the installation media is booted trough EFI. Even found a guide that uses diskpart to create such partition manually. What should I do - automatically, manually? Should I do other additional steps?
(Installing Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 on UEFI Systems).
3. I have read some texts that say that booting Windows 7 from GPT disk is only available on Itanium systems, where other texts imply that it's possible on any machine that has EFI-capable firmware. Which one is true?


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