Windows 7 Random Freezing - Out of Solutions

OK so i have been trying to fix this problem for about 4 months now and have made no progress. computer will freeze at random. can freeze within 5 min or 5hrs or whenever it feels like freezing. system freezes in games and at the desktop.

Here are the specs of my system when the freezing first started.

Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz Quad Core (OC 3Ghz)
XFX 750i Motherboard
4GB Corsair DDR2 800 Ram
2 BFG 9800GTX+ OC 1GB Video Cards
Creative Sound Blaster Titanium Fatality Pro
hec 600W PSU
Western Digital Caviar BLACK 640GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

When the freezing started i quickly started testing the ram. all sticks passed in all slots but i figured since im running an sli setup i should get sli certified ram and maybe that will help. so i ordered 8GB of OCZ SLI Certified Ram but my problem still continued and i tested all sticks of ram again and all passed.

Next i updated the bios and drivers on the motherboard and all other components thinking this was nothing more than a driver problem but nothing helped.

I set the correct voltages and timing on the memory and set my cpu back to stock clock speed.

I thought my sound card was the problem because i read that my card had issues with sli systems so i uninstalled all software and drivers for the sound card and removed it from the system but it still didnt help.

Started getting errors in the event viewer. WHEA-Logger event ID 18. A fatal hardware error has occurred. Reported by processor core. so i was starting to thinK maybe the cpu is messed up so i bought the same model cpu but brand new but it didnt fix my problem.

Now i started looking at the motherboard itself and decided to order a different board. I got the 750i EVGA SLI board but it was refurbished and i was getting the exact same freezing issue so i sent it back and got the same board but brand new this time but the freezing still continues. so i started testing all the ram slots and everything else i could test and no errors were being posted in event viewer. just a few warning but nothing major.

At this point i started thinking my power supply wasnt putting out enough power to keep up with all my internals so i bought a bigger PSU sunbeam 750W with 2 12V rails 30A per rail but my system keeps freezing.

Then i thought it was my hard drive so i took the 500GB hard drive out of my media server and put it in my main and did another fresh install of windows 7 but the freezing still continued. so i put the old hard drive back in.

it was now down to the video cards so i started testing them one at a time in each PCIe slot and my system locked up every time. also used 3 different SLI bridges. i then took the ATI X1300 video card out of my media server and put it in my main computer but it still froze on that card as well.

so now after swapping parts to try and fix this problem. my system specs are now completely changed.

Intel Q6600 2.4 Quad Core (OC 3Ghz)
EVGA 750i motherboard
8GB OCZ SLI DDR2 800 Ram
2 BFG 9800GTX+ OC 1GB Video Cards
Creative Sound Blaster Titanium Fatality Pro
Sunbeam 750W PSU (2 12V Rails 30A on each rail)
Western Digital Caviar BLACK 640GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

Again i have used 3 different motherboards with the same result every time. bios and drivers on all 3 boards were up to date and all slots were tested and all ram timing and voltages were set. cpu was running at stock clock speeds on all 3 boards on both cpus. used different video cards and different sets of ram.

iv even tried changing out all the sata cables but nothing worked and i have reinstalled Windows 7 more times than i care to count. pretty much did a fresh install every time i changed a part out.

Computer is also running in high performance mode with sleep disabled and turn off hard driver disabled.

i believe that this is not a hardware problem at all. it just cant be after all that i have done to try and fix this problem so i am now going to go back to XP and see if the system will freeze.

if anyone thinks there is something else i should try pleas let me know. i am open for anything.

iv never had a problem i could never figure out but this is beyond me.....

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WOW you really went all out trying to fix that - can't blame ya though, I'd do the same.

This probably seems stupid but have you checked your monitor, perhaps its causing some kind of issue. The reason I say that is that you have more or less rebuilt the computer and it seems to be a common part in the build.

Also your keyboard and mouse - do they use extra power for led screens or do they have any extra software for media keys etc

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monitor is fine. im currently running my media server with windows 7 32 bit on the same monitor and have never had no issues. both my main and my media server use the same monitor (one on analog and the main on digital) and i use the same keyboard and mouse thru a KVM switch but again media server is running flawlessly.


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When you re-installed windows did you have any problems with the clean system with only default windows drivers?

Have you removed all the case port's connectors from the Mainboard's headers.

Yes and Yes lol.

I tried the windows 7 native drivers but the problem continued. Keyboard and mouse are both plug and play and require no additional software and are being used on my media server with no problems. i have removed all case ports from the board but still didnt help.


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You said in your first post that would try xp. I'd say do that or even try vista if you have a disc for it.

im sure i can get a copy of vista but i have made it a rule to just stay away from vista due to all the problems with it. XP has never let me down so i hope it wont when i put it back on.

pretty much im left with trying different operating systems until the freezing stops...

i was running windows 7 on my old build.

Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz Quad Core
ECS Motherboard
4GB Corsair DDR2 800 Ram
1 BFG 9800GTX+ OC 1GB Video Cards
hec 600W PSU
Western Digital Caviar BLACK 640GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

and everything ran fine. Only started after i switched to an SLI motherboard.

well i have been up all night working on this computer so i am going to crash out for a while. ill check back when i wake up.


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Vista isn't as bad as people say. I still have it on an old sempron based laptop.

Strange that it started after the Switch to SLI.
I would have normally thought PSU but you have covered your bases.

I'm not too Familiar with nvidia configurations but in the early days of windows 7 I believe there was poor SLI support, thats probably changed by now but you could try to find fixes from back then.

well i havent tried windows xp pro yet but i did install windows 7 ultimate 32bit to see if i would still freeze and i did.... i really dont know whats going on and y it would freeze on 32bit and 64bit.

the only part i havent changed that was with the original setup is my LG DVD Burner. i mean would a dvd burner cause a system to lock up at random? just throwing it out there for something to try because i have a feeling that if i put xp pro on this system my freezing is going to continue....


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It might you know. You could try removing the drive and install from a bootable flash drive


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If you think it might be SLI related, do you have latest drivers for SLI? Is the cable seated correctly on the top of the SLI cards? Since I do not run SLI, does the Nvidia control panel set that up?

Are you using the HDMI audio?

Hey hey hey ... I have exactly the same PROBLEM. Really, the same.

Its been now a year. Have you figured it out?

it is really frustrating

how do you get out of the freeze\lockup ?

what NIC was on your original mobo and your latest board ?

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