Windows 7 RC Major Error, Everything on C: Deleted?

Hi All,

I've come across a major problem with my windows 7 rc drive. It has been running perfectly for the last week and i've been loving the changes. Until today everything was fine, i had left my pc on to download a "linux mint" iso image whilst i was asleep.

When returning to check on the download i noticed that all the icons from my desktop were missing. Opening up drive C (where 7 is installed) shows me that all program files, user data and most windows files have been deleted. This includes files from programs that are still open (e.g firefox.exe had gone even though it was currently running, firefox was completely unusable though).

Windows wouldn't boot after restarting, although with almost no files to use i suppose thats understandable.

I have been using 7 in the same configuration as the vista installation that it replaces (the vista installation has been fine for 2 years without any issues like this).

The UAC slider was set to max, and the only other security software i use other than windows firewall/defender is Avast! Antivirus and Malwarebytes. Both of which seem to have been running without any issues. I'm very cautious when it comes to the software i use/download.

Has anybody else encountered any problems like this? I really don't understand what could have happened, nobody has access to my pc either (it was password locked with ctrl+l before i unlocked it this morning). Also my wireless network is fully protected (and i live in the countryside with nobody in range of my wireless network).

It's a good job i keep regular backups!

Several people have reported data corruption, butthis is the first full delete that I've heard of. While the OS looks promising, I would keep presonal data to a min as you have found out. It is a pain tho to reinstall everything when you have it just set up so. I guess the ideal thing would be a image program that runs in the backround to stores it's image on an external drive. I'd be cuious if an external undelete or partition program found anythingleft on the drive.

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