Windows 7 Readyboost and Sony Memory Stick


I just upgraded my girlfriend's Sony Vaio P series to Windows 7. The performance was a bit sluggish, so we decided to try out Readyboost.

Because it's a Sony, I decided to use the Memory Stick slot for this (it isn't much use for anything else), so I got an 8GB Pro Duo HG which is I think the fastest they do. The slot on this machine is also HG compatible.

I tried the stick in my own laptop first, using the supplied USB adapter. Under Vista, it is recognised and works for Readyboost.

However, when I put it in the Sony, the Readyboost option is there, but then it says the card is not fast enough. If I retest it, I get the same thing. It is the same if I use the onboard card slot or the USB reader.

As a stopgap, I downloaded the beta version of eboostr 4. This works and gives a pretty fast throughput. It certainly speeds the system up, but I'd like to use Windows 7's inbuilt capability if I can.

I know about all parts of the card having to be fast enough, etc, but eboostr using it says that it is. Is there any way I can override the Windows 7 test?




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If you have at least 2GB of memory ready boost will not help at all.

Well, it certainly does seem to help when using eboostr. That laptop has a pretty slow hard drive.


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If it works for you, go with it.


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Have you looked into the 7 drivers for the media card reader? Maybe its "running slow" because its not using an up to date driver?

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