Windows 7 refuses to start up.

hello,I have a laptop with windows 7 that is just over a year old. I have never had any problems with it until this past week. I went on a vacation and had my laptop in a case for around 14 hours. When I got into my hotel room I started up my laptop and had the bluescreen display. I simply restarted it and everything seemed fine. I used my laptop regularly while away and it worked fine. I then took a 16 hour car drive home. Upon getting home my laptop once again went bluescreen. I decided just to restart it again thinking it was no big deal. The toshiba screen pops up as usual and then I am taken to a black screen with a white underscore blinking in the top left corner. I then hear a click from inside the laptop and the screen goes blank. The laptop stays on and I can hear the fans working on the inside, however, nothing is displayed. I have triedrestarting it multiple times and received the same results.Any help is appreciated.


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The cursor you describe usually means the system is not able to find a bootable system. The clicking might indicate a failed or failing hard drive.

Do you have a recovery CD or an Install DVD or can you boot to the F8 options during boot so as to be able to select "Repair your computer"?

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