Windows 7 Relaying Fault Hard Drive Space?

Out of the 287 GB total, 201 GB is being consumed right after a clean install of the Windows 7 RC. I did delete the windows.old directory. I also checked with TreeSize, and it says I am only using 41GB of the harddrive space. Where could the rest of the 47 GB hard drive space be coming from? Hidden files?

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated!

If you have a windows.old folder you haven't done a clean install.
Boot from the disc instead of running setup from within windows.
Selecting custom install is not enough you have to select your partition and choose to format it.

Your seeing so much disc space due to it being on top of your old OS and installed programs are all still there.

I did run the install from the disc itself. I did not choose to format it though, I believe. This makes sense though, as it is roughly twice the size of what I have on here now.

Is there a way of expanding my current partition over the old OS without having to start over? I just spent a good deal of time re installing programs and settings. Any good programs that let me do this?


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Even on a "clean" install, the Windows.old directory is left behind.

There is definitely a problem under your c:\users directory.

What files and file sizes are under this directory?

It seems Texture who responded first was right. I reformatted the drive and installed Windows 7 clean. That 45+ GB of nothing is gone. It might have been something different going on behind the scenes. I just find it weird that not only would it create the Windows.old, but it would also hide the old OS and all the stuff below it on the drive.

Whatever the case, at least it's gone now! Thanks guys!

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