Windows 7 Windows 7 Release Candidate hangs on first boot


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I have done some searching, and i haven't been able to find anything similar to this problem. it is incredibly frustrating. I have installed windows 7 release candidate and it appears to install fine, it goes through the install screens with no problem at all. After ths install is done, the computer boots into windows the first time, brings up the desktop, and completely stops responding. does not respond to any input at all, i have to reboot it to do anything. after the reboot, it boots to the desktop fine, but the desktop themes are not working at all (looks similar to safe mode, but it isn't.) when i try to access screen resolutions or themes, explorer.exe gives an error that says "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions." i can get to just about everything else. anyone have any ideas?
had been using vista....started using the windows 7 beta when it came out, had no issues there. figured i would get rid of the beta and install the release candidate in its place. first time i've had this issue. typing this on a seperate XP machine.

system specs (if it helps)

ECS Elitegroup A780GM-A motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 5000+ BE
4GB AData DDR2-800
Integrated ATI HD3200 Video card
Sound Blaster X-Fi

i am currently in the middle of a re-re-reinstall, gonna let it sit overnight and see what happens, though i don't think much will change.
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Ahhhh...I see you have an ATI Video Card. Some people have reported issues with this & Windows 7; try checking the drivers for the Video card, and I seem to recall it's better to do a 'manual' update of Drivers for some reason. Might be worth going to the Manufacturers' support site, and see if there's any advice there. :)
huh...go figure. i didn't let it automatically activate online this time, and i didn't join the windows homegroup right off the install (i have another machine running the 32-bit beta, not problems there) and it did not freeze. i think i'm going to have to look into this some more.....after i get some rest. :confused:

::heads off to bed with what seems to be a working install::

more on this later.
10 hours later, still working fine. joined homegroup, no freezing; activated windows, no freezing. going to start installing stuff...see what happens. Still weird that it didn't freeze when i told it not to activate during install. maybe a problem with install activation.
sounds like graphic card driver conflict to me...can i ask what graphics card you have....all might be well....but check with the manufacturer if they have some updated drivers or you might try to install under compatability mode....just a thought.