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I am working from home with remote desktop. My home laptop is Windows 7. My work uses XP. I noticed on my home network that I was able to watch youtube videos through my local remote desktop connection, which is windows 7 to windows 7. So, I wondered if the reason I can't do that with my work connection is because my work computer is XP, or is it because it's through a VPN tunnel and not a local network? Thanks!


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just a work around Team viewer will do it from any machine to any machine and it free and easier to use.

Ken J

Thanks, I already have Radmin as a workaround. However I'd still like to know if a windows7 to windows7 Remote Desktop connection is faster over a VPN than windows7 to XP. I know it's faster on my local network. I'll be testing a local network XP to XP connection soon and I'll report back. Thanks!

OK, I have tested some things and found that the speed I experience with Remote Desktop has to do with being on a local network, not any XP to XP, Win7 to Win7, or XP to Win7 configuration. In fact, while in the XP to XP network (at work) the performance was better than my home network (Win7 to Win7) which must have a slower router? slower internet connection? I'll look into it. Nevertheless, I won't be needing Win7 on my XP work computer for the sake of improved Remote Desktop. Thanks all!

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