Windows 7 running slow, not running games properly.

I'm just installed windows 7 on my 2009 imac through bootcamp. However there are some problems. Ive noticed when i try to play something on windows media player it will tell me that my computer is running low on memory and to close some windows. Also games run poorly if at all. I suspect its a driver issue but have gone through all the auto updates etc. Help would be greatly appreciated.


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I would check to see what apps are starting with Windows. Most apps you install think they have to start with Windows, which just ain't so. You can use What's In Startup to see what's starting and to disable or delete any undesireable items.


Thanks mate, i had a quick look but it does not seem to be the issue. its as if my graphics card or something is not functioning properly, is there a way to see a list of all the drivers you have installed?


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Why not just go to the web site of the graphics card manufacturer and download the newest driver for your card.

If you check Device Manager you should be able to check drivers in your system. Open the Graphics Adaptor or Display Adapter. Then right click on the adaptor and select properties.

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Maybe your Imac doesn't have enough ram or not enough allocated for Boot Camp which is like a virtual machine I think. You might want to check on Mac site also.

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