Windows 7 search - Doesn't search entire index

I'm new to this forum but an experienced user of windows systems.

Recently i started to have this strange problem with windows desktop search:
When trying to search the entire index, not a specific location on the disk or inside MS Outlook, there are no results what so ever.
Take a look at the attached picture - [Search problem-Entire index]
Search problem-Entire index.jpg
When I'm searching a specific location - Everything's fine. Take a look at the attached - [Search problem-Specific location]
Search problem-Specific location.jpg

Things I've tried so far:
* Rebuild index (twice...)
* Re-install internet explorer.
* Re-Install Windows Search (using "Turn windows features on or off")
* Search for compromised system files using SFC /scannow
* Restart Windows Search Service.
* Restart entire computer (over and over again...)

Nothing was successful

General info:
* Windows 7 Professional 32 bit
* Lenovo T400 laptop
* about 150,000 items indexed.
* no obvious error message regarding this issue

Please Help.


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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
Does using the start menu search field find the results?

Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
Does using the start menu search field find the results?
Yes. It does. I usually disable the option to search other files in the start menu.

Do you have any idea what's the problem?


To perform a reliable and fast search I recently started using Lookeen. Originally an Outlook search add-in, it can be easily set up to index also the entire system, or the folders you want to be searched in. Small, yet powerful tool that simply works the way it should do: search AND find :)
Maybe it can help you solve some indexing/search issues...


It's very strange, but now everything works just fine.
I took the advise of Mitchell_A and enabled the "search other files and libraries" in the Start Menu settings.

Then, I searched for something using the start menu search and clicked the "see more results" link in the bottom.
The standard windows search opened and displayed the anticipated results.
From that moment on - Windows Search is back and working fine for me. It search's the entire index (After pressing [Windows key + F]) and i can use it with or without the start menu search.

To be certain, I disabled the option to search for other files in the start menu and the problem returned!

Any way,
Thank you very much for your help.



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Glad you've fixed the problem!
Thanks for using the forums, see you around.

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