Windows 7 search index and Outlook 2010 problem

For the last 3 years I've been successfully copying all my data including Outlook.pst file from my Win 7 desktop to my XP laptop.

The data is transferred from PC to laptop by Synctoy 2.1 which is really quick and easy and of course only adds, deletes or overwrites new or modified files.

The outlook 2010 email search on the XP laptop always caught up eventually.

Now I have a new Win 7 laptop with all the same Office software (my original) but the search index fails to add new emails that are present in the newly copied pst file.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I'm overwiting a file that one wouldn't normally.

Thus far I can remove email from search index, rebuild it and the add email back and rebuild again. That puts all the mail, new and old in the index on the laptop.

I don't normally send and receive from the laptop but is has a seperate email address should I want to.

I need to be able to frequently search for, and occasionally respond to a message.

Does anyone know how to persuade the search index to add what are in reality improperly acquired emails?

Or is there another way?

I know I could put msg files in a folder but that's a bit untidy.

any advice welcome



This is very useful information.

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