Windows 7 search isn't working properly??

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by David Pounds, May 1, 2011.

  1. David Pounds

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    May 1, 2011
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    I've made sure that the file typoe that I'm searching is included in the searches, I've indexed search on my computer to make sure everything is inluded but it's still not finding what I'm looking for. I'm searching for an image file(.png) that I know is on my computer(and I have several of them that start with the name that I;m searching) and none of them come up??:( Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    Oct 16, 2009
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    So if you hit Winkey + F, and go into the address bar and make sure the C: is selected to start the search from, then type *.png in the search, no .pngs show up or just not the ones you are looking for?

    What program made it, you might be able to track it down that way.

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