Windows 7 Windows 7 seems to have completely turned against me


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Jan 30, 2009
when i tried to uninstall AVG Free in favor of Zonealarm (i got the vista version working through compatibility), i got bluescreened twice. this then led to the following issues.

1) whenever i start up my computer, the gadgets take forever to load and take up 100% of my processor. i have to kill off the Sidebar process in the task manager before getting any functionality back.

2) when i shut down the computer, it goes to the "Windows is shutting down" screen and doesn't shut off. i left it running for a half hour last night and it did not shut down.

in addition to those problems, i have extreme computer slowdowns and can barely do anything. to try to fix it, i did a defrag and a checkdisc, but to no avail. is there any way to fix it?

edit: while typing this, it hit me to try a system restore.

edit #2: apparently, my computer does not have any system restore points, so i need another fix.
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You would even dare to install zonealarm on your pc. It is known as one of the most annoying and problematic antivirus-firewall solutions available. I would never recommend it. Put the free AVG antiviurs back on cause it is one of the few suites that doesnt blue screen your computer. I would think zonealarm would be the culprit if what you are tellling me is truth.
it actually turns out that it was Zonealarm. it didn't get along with 7 and inhibited the internet connection. then i reinstalled 7 to fix the shutdown problem and it's all back to normal now.
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