Windows 7 Sees Two Monitors, When There Is Only One


I only have one monitor, a 1600x1050 Acer X223W. I'm having an issue where, whenever I go into "adjust screen resolution", and it has automatically set itself to:

1|2. Multiple Monitors
Duplicate these displays

I get no other options as far as the first one goes, but switching Duplicate these displays to anything else only causes other problems.

The real issue I'm having is with my tablet, a Wacom Intuos3. I can't force proportions on the tablet, because whenever I do so, I'll get random moments of the cursor blinking, fidgeting back and forth. I'm not gonna lie, it's annoying.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I would really, really appreciate it.

Oh, another quick issue, which just started occurring. Clicking the top bar of a window, which I would normally use to drag a window, expands the window to fullscreen size. Anyone know how to fix this?

Sorry to bump, but it'd be great if someone could help me with this.

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