windows 7 service pack1 problem help this how to fix this problem?

my windows7 ultimate
once i downloading service pack1 suddenly power is gone...
then the service pack failed and cancelled it shows..
Snap_2011.10.08_15h52m46s_002_View update history.png
Snap_2011.10.08_14h55m50s_001_Change settings.png
i downloaded windows update standalone installer "Windows6.1-KB947821-v14-x86(160MB)" Snap_2011.10.08_14h56m36s_002_Windows Update Standalone Installer.png Snap_2011.10.08_14h56m48s_003_Download and Install Updates.png Snap_2011.10.08_14h57m12s_004_Download and Install Updates.png
i installed it...
but it can't download .. i tried many times .... it shows "error code 800b0100"
Snap_2011.10.08_15h22m37s_001_Windows Update.png Snap_2011.10.08_15h23m03s_002_Select updates to install.png Snap_2011.10.08_15h23m17s_003_Windows Update.png Snap_2011.10.08_15h25m13s_004_Windows Update.png


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If I understand correctly, you had a power failure during the SP1 installation. You might have to do a repair install of Win 7. I would start from within Windows, insert the Installation disk and choose to repair your computer. This might fix whatever files were corrupted during the failed installation.

You might consider downloading the Win 7 iso including SP1 from Digital River. Burn this file to DVD then use this DVD for the repair install.

I am not sure this will solve your problem but it's worth a try. If the repair install from within Windows does not work, try it by booting to the DVD. If not, a re-install might be needed. I would use the DVD you burned with SP1 included and your original key to re-install.


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I got a computer a couple of days ago that was not booting. When I started in Safe Mode, the first thing I saw was Windows SP1 reverting. So, try starting in safe mode to see what happens.

Also yesterday on a new install, it was installing 65 of 68 updates and the Electric Company decided to turn off my power. Four hours later when the power came back on, I started the system and it seemed to start normally but the three updates that had not already been downloaded, were not installed with the rest.

The update you downloaded was the Update Readiness Tool. It will normally be offered if the Update process is having a problem and you should be able to run it.

But the first thing I recommend is to step back and give the update process some time. It may be trying to repair or reinstall some component it needs. If by tomorrow or the next day, you see no progress, there are some logs we can check. SP1 is a large update and may take some time to download.

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