Windows 7 shared folders keeps saying files in use a reboot fixes then it comes back

I have a very strange problem with a new Dell optiplex Windows 7 professional Pc
I am using it as a file server. I keep getting messages in the shared folders. Access denied, file in use, You don't have permission. Something thinks these files are in use and they are not. If you reboot the computer they all clear but it comes back on different files. It is not a permission problem. Help


Noob Whisperer
Check the event viewer and see if you are seeing anything specific regarding these failed attempts to access shared resources on your Windows 7 machine;
Like, Windows 7 Nonpaged Pool Srv Error 2017 |
If the files are database files especially MS Access, make sure that the properties for locking are set properly.
Other than that, re-examine usernames and passwords, and related group memberships as they apply to the actual shared file and or folder both share tab and security tab.
Keep us posted.

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