windows 7 shutting you down Yes it happens to original programs


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I had closed of the updates in w7 to save some room on a crowded hard drive untill i can shift over a lot of programs to another drive.

w7 has a nasty trick it closes down a lot of their program and shows a registered copy is a pirate copy ... in system the numbers are removed so re validation is not possible

there is no instructions w7 give to get this back in operation again . so anyone else would be in the same boat and they would complain to the shop where they purchased it from. but being told its impossible and no one knows of this problem or solution
and they suggest at a cost of $100 per hour they will take the computer to their workshops.

Now I will show everyone how to overcome this stupid situation

1 first open the updates again and download the latest files, yes w7 will let you as they still have your original registration to compair it with.

2 install and reboot
3 go to system and the numbers are back again and you can re-activate and again , all is well. the program runs as a original once more.

Ok I realise this will knock out many pirate copies and just so but what a underhanded way of doing it , the amount of trouble this is going to cause honest people is to high a price to pay in my opinion.

I found this way out just by trial and error

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