Windows 7 Sleep Mode Issue


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I don't know if I should post this in any other forum, so here goes.

I am having a problem with Win7 not coming back from sleep mode.

The machine goes to sleep without a poblem.

When I move my mouse it starts waking up and then just powers off. I have to hit the power button to turn it back on and it boots (fresh boot).

The machine used to go to sleep and wake up without a problem. I can't remember exactly when this started failing, but it may have been after an update. I honestly don't know/remember what changed. This has become a big irritant.

I can put it in hybrid sleep and this works fine, just take a while longer to get back online.

I am running the following:

i7 920
Asus P6T
6 Gig (triple mode)
1 TB Seagate
700 Watt PS
geForce 9800 GTX
1 Blu-Ray Sata
1 DVD Sata


Update to above:

The system doesn't work in Hybrid mode. Just like Sleep, it works every once in awhile, but usually just powers off.

Hibernation does work.
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