Windows 7 Sound Problems

After reformatting and installing Windows 7 and downloading the very latest drivers my sound not only worked, it was the best sound I have ever heard from my system. Windows 7 also found my MATROX TripleHead2Go and adjusted the display accordingly, plus doing the same for ARMA II, COD 4 Modern Weapons, COD 5 World at War, FSX and Rise of Flight when I installed them and all worked really well with excellent sound. IL2 1946 refused to run on any more than a single screen but wouldn't run at all under VISTA Ultimate Edition so Windows 7 Ultimate is still better. I installed and used SKYPE and got the best two way sound I have ever had on my PC which sounded like surround 3D even on headphones. But 7 would not "see" or install drivers for my webcam. Otherwise it was the best MS OS I have ever used and Windows Media Player worked excellently with surround sound too.

I installed a few basic utilities and then MSN but by now the sound had mysteriously stopped working. I check Device Manager and the sound card still showed as recognised and as having the latest drivers. However now Windows Media Player won't work either. I tried de-installing all the utilities I had installed and returning the system to an earlier stage but still no sound. It is as if somebody has muted the sound. I have searched and used the trouble shooter wizards but they cannot identify the problem. It seems many user have had sound problems. What confuses me is that at first the sound was fantastic but now neither it nor media player will work at all. The only thing |I can think of is that windows auto-update added something that screwed things up.

Any suggestions gentlemen?

My system

CPU - Inter quad core
RAM - 4 GB
SPU - Soundblaster Xi-Fi Fatality Platinum 7.1 Surround Sound
TVU - KWorld DVB-T 210 Hybrid TV
DISPLAY - 3 x 22" Chemei Digital screens driven by MATROX TripleHead2Go
MOUSE - Logitech Laser Cordless
KEYBOARD - Logitech Laser Cordless

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