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I just bought a new desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. The first thing I did was to go to Windows Update and download and install any critical updates. I then went to Control Panel/System and noticed that SP1 was not listed under the basic information on my computer. Is this normal? If SP1 is not installed, why didn't windows update download it. If SP1 is installed, why doesn't it show in the System display? Should I manually download SP1?


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there is nothing wrong with downloading SP1 from microsoft at all its just the one on the pc is quicker and it does it for you. Id pop online and have a quick look, Id also double check its not already installed. right click my computer and click properties, it should say at the top if its installed


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I believe it should show up on the basic system, but go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, installed Updates and see if it is listed there.

I always download big updates like this directly from MS, disconnect from the internet, shut down all apps, including AV/AM and install from the downloaded file. Read the info below on this site before installing. There are some pre-requisites for SP1 to install.


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SP1 will not be offered for a new install until after certain updates have been installed. Give it some time, and your system might be in an accelerated update mode, so manually prompting Windows Update might help.


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Thanks to all that replied. I downloaded SP1 and installed it. All went well.


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Glad we could help solve your problem.

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