Windows 7 Speech Recognition - correcting/deleting the word "that"


I've been using Win7 Speech Recognition for approx. 1 month. I'm satisfied with the results so far given that I am new to SR usage; I expect further improvement as I grow more savvy in using SR and continue dictating the assorted training passages.

The question I have involves use of the word "that" in a dictated passage. The dictation is fine; I preface the word "that" with the word "literal". However, since "that" is a reserved command word, e.g. "delete that", I am having difficulty selecting it to change or delete it. I cannot simply say "correct that". I have tried inserting the word "literal" in the command, for example "correct literal that"; it didn't work. I have tried "correct that that" and whatever other permutations I could think of. None of them worked. Also tried using the "select" command hoping that if I could select the text, I could then simply say "correct". Haven't found a way to do it through SR and have resorted to making corrections for "that" using the keyboard.

I'm hoping that there's a simple solution and appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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