Windows 7 stalls at configuring installation

Hello all,

About a month ago I moved into a new house with some friends, and before I moved everything was running perfectly. When I was unpacking at the new place, Windows wouldn't start up, it just sat at the Starting Windows screen (where the four lights come in and make the Windows symbol). So I tried to repair, and then install 7 again. Whenever I tried it would just sit at the Configuring Installation step and not move on (I left it sit overnight).

Since then, I have tried to install to each of my 3 separate hard drives, and they all sit at the configuring installation step. I have removed all but 2 gigs of RAM (trying to install 64 bit), same thing. I've run system diagnostic tests, played with my BIOS settings, and even tried to install from two different W7 discs (one legit, one pirated (my buddy used it and it works fine for him)). I'm at a total loss as to how to fix this.

It's worth mentioning too that I was able to install Ubuntu without a problem, though after awhile I couldn't connect to the internet (the wireless signal was pretty weak the whole time but I could always find the network).

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Edit: My computer is an HP pavilion d5000z. The motherboard is an m2N78-LA

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