Windows 7 stalls on new installation

My computer is an intel quad core 6600 with 4gb ram. Currently it has WinXP 32bit running. I have one hard drive which has two partitions (c and d). I've backed up all my stuff on to d and I wanted to install Win 7 64bit from scratch on the C partition.

I stuck the Win 7 DVD (full, not upgrade) and it happily boots up. It completes loading the windows files and then "starts" windows. The light blue wallpaper appears and a mouse pointer appears in the middle of the screen. I can move the mouse pointer around but this is where everything stops. I've waited for a while but the installation does not proceed past this point.

Any ideas why this is happening? I'm planning on copying all my files to an external drive and formatting the disk and trying again. Not sure if this will work.


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Hello and welcome to the Windows 7 forums. First I would like to endorse your idea of copy your files to an external drive for safe keeping, I might even suggest using a third party program like Acronis True Image or Ghost to create an image of your current OS, just so you have a strong fall back position.
Usually we see this type of issue as a product of either bad install media or else a failing or faltering DVD drive. So if your source media was a download from somewhere like MSDN or TechNet or somewhere else where you downloaded an ISO, you may find that if you re-burn the ISO using the slowest buring speed possible it may help. Also make sure to physically inspect the media itself for smudges, scratches, etc. Otherwise maybe swap the DVD drive temporarily to see if that might help.

Excellent and all true.

I would recommend to update the bios for 2 reasons.

1) It will update it (lol) - which is always a good thing no matter what.
2) It will reset any setting that may be causing you difficulties.

In the event that our suggestions have not helped, create a USB stick to install Windows from. Then proceed to boot to the USB stick and install from there. Many times, motherboards see USB sticks as hard drives. So when setting the first boot device to the USB stick, you might have to keep that in mind.

You can Google for how to create this stick. It isn't overly difficult or time consuming.

And welcome to the forums! Hope to see ya around. :)

Thanks TorrentG. I'll give this a crack. Looks like I'll be up against quite a bit of hacking and poking around until I get it going! :-(


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Thanks TG.
Good info as usual, always appreciated.
Here's a link for some help in following TorrentG's good advice for a USB stick install

Poking, maybe.

Hacking, nah not really. Those suggestions of ours are all standard computing procedures basically. Not really to be considered hacks of any sort.

One further thing for now - some motherboards have the setting in the bios to enable or disable Plug and Play OS. Definitely make sure this is enabled before and/or after a bios update.

(I only say before too in case you attempt again without the update.)

Strange, my reply to "Trouble" has not showed up ...

I just said thanks for your post and that I would follow your advice. :)

Will do. Thanks very much.

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