windows 7 startup loop

I have had my computer for around a year now and it has come pre installed with windows 7. it has recently stated going to the windows start up repair. it goes trying to find a problem then it say windows is unable to locate the issue or something like that. i am by no means a computer wiz but i would like help in trying to solve this issue, i have tried restoring from a previous date but it say that file is corrupt i am also unable to start in safe mode i have looked around for a few days now on the internet to come up with a solution but with no success i would be grateful if someone could help me with this issue or help me back up my computer through command prompt or something else since i am no longer able to reach the desktop

From my experience, this will be a difficult problem to resolve in a pleasant way and may have only one (unfortunate) solution.

To cursively see if you have a hardware problem, try to boot from an emergency start-up disk (did you happen to make one? If not, you can easily make one from another similar system running Windows 7). If you can boot from the emergency start-up disk, run chkdsk on your boot drive and see what it says (chkdsk is on the emergency start-up disk -- the command is "chkdsk <boot-device>:", like "chkdsk d:"). If your boot device is the usual "C:", it may be named "D:" temporarily or another letter depending on your configuration. Any errors detected by chkdsk? If so, run it again with the "/f" switch and it will try to correct the problem(s). Then, do it again to see if further problems were detected or created (not likely, but it happens). The success of this depends on they type of problem(s) it finds. If corrections are make, try to boot normally, and if necessary, in safe mode. If none of this works, it is likely that you have a corrupt file that is used during the boot process. Most likely, the only way to fix this is to reinstall Windows. But, before you go that far, let us know what you find.

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