Windows 7 windows 7 startup welcom screen locks up


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May 11, 2009
hey When ever I start up my computer it goes to welcome then freezes locks up so I would have to restart my computer. Safe mode works fine. So then I took the internet lead out then windows starts up fine. I think it could be AVG 8.5 thats keeps freezing it cause the firewall is not working for some reason its been disable and I cant enable it. Could it because its trying to update on start up and freezes my computer. Im not sure any ideas would be great. Also if I leave my computer on for about 2 hrs doing nothing it locks up too. any suggestions would be great.


Hello and Welcome to the Windows7 forums.

Did you perform a "clean" install or did you do an upgrade?

Are you dual-booting?

Is this the official RC directly from Microsoft?

I've heard about some issues with AVG. See if you can uninstall it through Control panel > Programs and features.

I did a Upgrade. Its build 7100 not dual boot. i will try unistalling AVG.