Windows 7 - Sticky Keys maybe, Strange problems

Hello everyone, Recently i face the following problems, i am one step before re-formating my pc and install Windows XP SP3, maybe someone here can help me out. I have Windows 7 Installed on my Pc (Quad Core with 6GB ram) and recently my pc started to behave strange. From time to time, my pc keyboard is stop corresponding and for example by trying to press key F, it pops up the Search Box, the key l logs me out and things like that.(sticky keys maybe?) Additionally to this, my start menu its pops up a lot (like crazy!) and the task menu is not responding correctly. The strange this is that i re-formatted my pc and again i have the same things, i scanned (through Norton) for any trojan or virus but nothing. And to fix it, i have to restart every time my pc so it can get back to normal. I even changed my Keyboard to see if this is the problem but nothing :( I suspect that it has to do with my Hardware as the problems started when i changed my hardware to Quad Core and installed my new Sound card, a Fatality Soundblaster. I dont have any other clue of why is this problem occured. I searched the google and found that some other users had some similar problems in the past, but no-one provided a valid solution. If u have any suggestions, will be great help Ty in advance, from Greece :) Lefteris


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doesn't sound like Sticky Keys, maybe your keyboard is faulty.


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I'm going to go with Mitchell_A on this one. I know you said you swapped out the keyboard once, but I would like to know what type of keyboard you're using ps2, usb, usb/wireless? Could be a bad port, ps2 or usb or if you are using any type of extension cable to make the connection try swapping that cable out or try a direct connection and eliminate the extension.

Hello, and ty for the replies.

Both keyboards are with usb connection (with no extension). I will test with a ps2 to be sure of it. A technician friend told me that the problem maybe have to do with the change of my hardware, and to test by installing Windows XP on my pc.
But its a mess to do it to tell you the truth, hope i can find a solution through here :)

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