Windows 7 Sticky Notes

Is is possible to change the default font on this program?


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You can format text, add bullets to make a list, or change the text size by using keyboard shortcuts. Here's how:
Select the text that you want to change.
Use the following keyboard shortcuts to format the text on your note:
Type of formatting
Keyboard shortcut

Bold text

Italic text

Underlined text

Bulleted list

Increased text size

Decreased text size


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Yeah you can. Use Word or some other text writer. Type something in the font you want and then copy and paste into your sticky note. Then when you delete that the font stays changed.

The only drawback is that after you delete that note it goes back to the default font. You can use the Taskbar icon to close the window and when you turn it back on it will have the same note. If you keep recycling the same note you'll keep your font.


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Thanks, I will make a copy of the Sticky notes exe. and see if their is a way too edit it. Its not a big deal, just like too play around with stuff LOL

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