Windows 7 stops on setup desktop

My computer works properly with windows xp 32 bit. MSI P965NEo V1.1, Intel pentium D 805 2.66mhz L2 2mb, XFX 8800GTS 320MB, HDD SATA WD 250GB JMICRON RAID, ATA PIONEER 111D, 2GB 800mhz Kingston, PSU THERMALTAKE 400w. I tried to install window 7 ultimate 64bit, but problem starts when loading windows files finishes, after that it shows blue instalation desktop but nothing after that JUST BLUE DESKTOP (one with flower or little leaf, and no coping files and other instalation parts) and nothing else, just stops here. I can move my mose over the screen, its not freezing. What can i do? Tought it's maybe hdd, replaced my sata hdd with old ata 40gb ( formated) and still problem is the same.Any ideas what can i do???

Try 32-bit

Have you tried the 32-BIT install DVD? Also, did you run the Windows 7 compatibility checker before you installed 7? If not, then Install XP and install the compatibility checker.

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