Windows 7 Stuck on Black Screen

Hey, this is my first post here because I haven't had a problem like this with Windows 7 before.

I just bought a new computer a few weeks ago, already had Windows 7 loaded onto it. Today when I booted it up it got past the Windows logo and then gave me a black screen. It sounds like the computer is doing *minimal* work; it makes a small "humming" sound every thirty seconds or so, instead of going all throughout the screen as usual. I've tried reloading in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Prompting and Normal with little to no difference.

Please help! I have some stuff on there that I'd hate to lose.

The computer is a Windows 7 64-bit with 750GB of space, quad-core. Manufactured by HP.


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HP,. wouldn't you know It. Sorry,. but I gad nothing but trouble with my so-called high-end HP

When you get the black screen , is there a cursor there.

If so,. try Alt-Ctl-Del,. and in Task Manager run explorer.exe and see if that brings up the desktop

Yes, there's a cursor there, but Task Manager isn't coming up. Just a cursor floating in the middle of a black screen. (I can move the cursor)


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That happened to me,. that's why I suggested it

Did this happen immediately,. or do you recall making any major changes to your computer such as installing software.

Hi I am new here and joined out of interest. I work for Prevx and know that over the last two weeks one of our techies had seen quite a few of these black screen issues that sounds exactly the same as you describe.

If it is the same our web site has a free utility which should solve the WIndows 7 Black Screen problem in seconds. You can download the utility from our blog site Prevx Blog.

Let me know if it helps.


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I wisk I could get a black screen:rolleyes:


Thanks for the offer but Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not bring up the Windows Task Manager, so I can't make any progress with installing your fix. =/


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How long have you had the operating system on your computer?

Windows 7, you mean? It came fully packed with Windows 7 when I bought it on Nov 12th this month. I bought it at Best Buy, if that makes any difference. It still has the stickers on it so I can get you the full specs, if you want.

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Have you tried tapping the the F? keys in startup.

Choose last Know Good Configuration if you get in.

yes, but only one, F10 to start a diagnostic. It ran the diagnostic for roughly ten minutes, said it would give me the results upon login, and then restarted, went through the Windows logo and straight back to the black screen. Should I have tried one of the others?

EDIT: kk, I'll try that, thanks. I'll get back to you with the results.

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Can your use F8 to get into the boot menu during boot? Maybe start in safe mode or try the repair and set a basic resolution for the system.

If you can't do you have an install DVD?

Perhaps you got an update that changed your video drivers or monitor.

I didn't see Last Known Good Configuration on the bottom of the startup screen, so I "improvised" and tried the Startup Repair. Ran the Startup Repair (F9). The note on the Repair said it might take over an hour; it took a little over two minutes and was finished. Restarted and went straight back to black screen. F8 is next on my list of things to try. I am trying to save the Install DVD for last resorts because I'm afraid it might wipe everything I have.

F8: The computer did not react to pressing F8. The only noticeable change was that the Num Lock switched on, but I doubt that has to do with F8.

EDIT: D'OH. It's because F8 wasn't the set key for Boot Menu. I need to learn to read. >_> Retrying.

EDIT2: I did not get a chance to hit F8. HOWEVER, I did manage to worm my way into System Recovery; (I hit the option just above the Safe Mode options; I hadn't noticed the System Recovery option there before.) I hit that and got about eight different options, I remember one of them being the Open Command Prompt or something to that effect, and another being the Startup Repair that I had tried previously. I chose the first option available; System Recovery, and am recovering the system right now as it was three days previous. I'll keep you guys posted, but I believe this will work. Thank you all for helping me get so far. ^^

EDIT3: IT WORKED! Thank you, and big hugs to all of you for helping me get my computer back! I would have never been able to solve it without you guys. Thank you!

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Good work

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