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May 11, 2009
Hello everyone, i'm new here.
I've just installed Windows 7 Rc on my Hp notebook (build 7100) along with Vista in dualboot mode.
Now i've got 3 partitions, one for vista one for 7 and another called Hp recovery.
I'd like to try and use 7 alone, completing deleting vista.
Problem is my vista partition is the "system" partition too, so I can't delete it from disk manager and, moreover, even if i managed to delete it i'm afraid i won't be able to boot my pc then.

Is it possible to make my 7 partition the "system" partition?

Or is it possible to create a new small system partition (like the 200mb recovery partition which 7 creates automatically, which i don't have, sice i'm in dualboot mode) to boot the pc???
Hello and Welcome to the Windows7 Forums,

Which partition is marked as boot.

You could try a partition Manager, or this Live Gparted CD:
GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD

Please read it carefully.

It may be possible to format the drive in the command prompt.

You do realize your factory partition will be worthless, unless you plan on going back to Vista.

Here's a good freeware version, but I.m not sure what limitations it has:

EASEUS Partition Master 3.5 Home Edition

If this s successfull, you;ll need to have the Windows 7 ISO in the tray as, like you said, it will not boot normally.
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thaks for the reply!!!!
Eventually I managed to solve the problem in the "brute" way..
I marked my 7 partition as "Active" (which obviously wasn't) thus making the boot impossible ( turning on the pc it said "bootmngr.exe not found").
Then i booted from the 7 installation dvd, went to the repair section/start up problems, choose 7 frome the 2 operating systems found and let the program do its work.
When i restarted my 7 partition was the "system" one, and my vista partition a "normal" one.
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