Windows 7 taskbar pops up when other programs are running.

This is really annoying when playing a game as it causes the game to drop out and go back to the desktop. It also does it when watching a Youtube video on full screen or watching a video in Windows Media Player blocking the controls and being generally unsightly in both cases.

I don't want the taskbar gone completely, I just don't want it interfering when I'm not using the blasted thing!

Thanks in advance for any help


Hello madgeniusmusic,

In your case, you would be better off to auto-hide the taskbar, right click the taskbar and select "Properties", then click the box for "Auto-Hide", then "Apply", then "OK".

Now, the only time your taskbar will appear is when you move the mouse (cursor) to the very bottom of your screen.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Don

I was hoping to avoid that, but I think it might be the only option.

Thanks again


You're welcome Danny, I have mine set to auto-hide, I like a clean desktop

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