Windows 7 tells me that my copy of Windows might not be genuine

I have have windows 7 installed, but on the lower right hand corner of my desktop it says:

Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine
As you can see below it is genuine and activated:

When I restart my computer and login and everything loads the message isn't there, but after a while the message with show up and I have to restart my computer to make it temporarily go away, so why am I getting that message and how can I make it so it doesn't reappear.

have you recently install windows updates?

Have you tried re-activating? Have you called MS to explain situation? Microsoft usually will help you get it re-activated after answering a few questions


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The actual message you get might be important. There are several sites that relate to your situation but I will only show two. The first link is for validating your install. It might take ActiveX or some downloaded component. The second link is for a situation where you get a specific error message. Maybe one will help. The updates question from jdmcertified is important, because part of the checking is done through the Windows Update process.

What is validation and how does it work? - Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 displays "Windows is not Genuine" with an error code of 0x80070005

Super Sarge: No I haven't

I clicked the first link and did what it asked and it took me to a page that says:
Welcome to Windows!
Because Windows installed on your PC is genuine, enjoy the security, reliability and protection it provides.
and it also says:
Genuine Windows customers get a complimentary subscription to Microsoft Security Essentials, the award-winning, antivirus software that helps you protect your PC.


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When I click on the Validate button on the upper right, it takes me to this page.

Genuine Microsoft Software

It might depend on whether you have activeX enabled, not sure. Or because I am using Firefox right now.. :)

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Even if I go to the link you provided I still get the same message, so my version of Windows is genuine.


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I just used IE to check, and after allowing the ActiveX to run, I see the same as you. So I would say it is genuine, but do not know why the messages are appearing without some type of error message.

But Windows Update is current?

There is no error message and my Windows Update is current.

is your copy even genuine. you can run a loader that will tell the os that its genuine it still will update. i did this while i got mine sorted out

Yes it is genuine and the problems seems to have go away now.

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