windows 7 thinks cable is unplug!

Everytime I boot my pc it says network cable is unplug. So I unplug it from the pc and replug it and it still cant see the network. Next thing I do is unplug the cable from the switch (netgear) and replug it and now it works... Everytime I boot I have to unplug it from the switch and replug it back in order to get the network online.. what should I do to get rid of this? pls help....


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If you have an additional available port, try that, reboot and see if the problem persists. Otherwise check the netgear website and see if there's a firmware update for that make and model.

Also go in to adapter settings properties and Un check IPV6 also if this is not a lapto-p you do not need to ahve the power saving feature enabled found i8n device magnager network adapter properties under power managment tab

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