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My new computer came with Win 7 (upgraded to Pro) installed on C:, which is a 60 g/b ssd, with the 3 g/b sata. After installing a few programs that will only let you install on C:, this drive is now full.

I want to install a new 250 g/b ssd, with 6 b/g sata bus to replace the original 60.

I'm thinking, I won't be able to just b/u the c: and then reinstall on the new drive. The computer didn't come with the os disk. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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If you have a backup image on another internal or external drive, or even on your network, you should be able to just restore that to the new drive. You can make the image one using Windows Backup.

But I am not accquainted with any specific requirements for installing on an SSD. If there were some, you would need to take those into account.

If you don't have an install DVD, you can download an Windows 7 SP1 .iso file online and burn it. If this is an OEM version of the software I am not sure if that would be useable.


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That is odd. I have 6 SSDs on 6 different systems and the OS including a big bunch of programs (but no games) never takes more than 25 GB. On this system here I have a 60GB M4 and have over 30GB free space despite the fact that there is also a virtual partition with Ubuntu. But all my user data I moved to the HDDs.

As a quick fix you can delete the hiberfile. The command is powercfg -h off. That will save you the equivalent of the size of your RAM. Then you can reduce the pagefile to 2GB - that is ample. Next run WinDirStat and see where the offenders are.

But if you really want to migrate to a larger model, the imaging route is the best. I have a few tutorials on the matter. I have uploaded the links - a PDF file with the links- because here I cannot post links to other forums. Download the PDF (takes only a second) and you will see.

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Great info, thanks. This machine has 16 g/b of ram, and powercfg was setting aside a HUGE section of the ssd. I've never used hibernate, so no loss. Also, the pagefile was set to auto, and Win 7 thought 28 g/b was what it needed. I've recovered almost 1/2 of the drives space.
Now I just need another good reason to go with the 6 g/b sata ssd. lol


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There is nothing to be gained on the 6Gb bus. The speed of the SSD comes from the extremely short access time - 0.1ms versus 15ms on average on a HDD. And that is the same on the 3Gb and the 6Gb bus.

As far as data transfer goes, do not get impressed by those speeds with large blocks. The system uses 4KB blocks, and those not too often. Run Atto over your SSD and you will see that there is plenty of capacity at 3Gb/sec for those small blocks. Save your money for a nice dinner.

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