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I have a Windows 7 PC that is my main box, and the Windows XP box is used as file storage. I also have a Windows XP laptop from work. All 3 PC's can access the internet. The Windows 7 PC cannot ping anything else on the network. The 2 XP machines can ping each other. The XP laptop can ping the win 7 PC and gets password prompt for file sharing (it is part of a domain so i cannot change it to another workgroup, but that is not a problem since I only use it to test the network). How can I get the XP and 7 to at least ping each other? Both of the PC's are on the same workgroup. I have static IPv4 on the XP machine for external port forwarding. If I can just get the 2 machines to ping each other, I can figure out file sharing and RDP after that. The pinging is the issue.


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Wow, something doesn't sound right, are you absolutely sure that the laptop XP, can ping the XP file storage PC. Are you pinging by name or by IP does one work and not the other? This problem would normally occur if a local firewall was blocking inbound and or outbound ICMP (ping packets) but if you are sure that the laptop can ping both the XP and Win7 machine by name and ip address then that isn't what's happening. And I'm not sure that I've seen this before, unless of course your router/switch is using some type of ip filtering.

The work laptop can ping both, and is able to file share and RDP to the file server, which is good since I don't have a monitor for it. I've reset the router software, updated firmware, checked the setup for denials, routes, every other thing I can think of. The router is a d-link dir-655 and I cannot find anywhere else that it would block the pings.

Edit - I can only ping by IP address. I haven't tried updating host files or anything, but since it is a work PC, that should be good enough for it. Once I get IP pinging on XP<-->7, then I can worry about name resolution.

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Still not adding up. I know in your original post you happened to mention that you have a static ip on the XP file storage machine, do me a favor and check the ip config on both the XP file storage machine and the Win 7 machine and make sure that they both have information consistent with what you need to support local networking, IP address not conflicting, subnet mask the same.

i'll confirm again when I get home in an hour, but I beleive that this is how it is all setup:


Don't quote me on subnet mask, but that auto-fills anyways

Edit - Yup, these are right.

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found it. ipconfig /all showed that I had no MAC address. How that happens, I have no idea. Anyways, I went into the NIC configuration and updated the address to a real address and all of a sudden everything is working the way it should. Name recognition and everything. Thanks Trouble for helping.


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Thanks for posting back, glad you got it sorted out. Good work and good luck
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