Windows 7 too large, 18gb

I got a new computer. SSD and HDD. I only installed windows and a few programs on the ssd. The windows folder is 18gb. How do I get rid of like half of it ?

Thanks in advance


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I don't think you can, My Windows 7 folder is 22 Gigabytes and I don't have anything in it except Windows, and quite a few fonts.

I don't know how big the absolute basic Windows is but I'm guessing it's about what you have.

You could move any installed programs to your other hard drive though.

My C:\ drive uses about 93 Gigabytes and has no data and not all of my installed software on it.


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didnt realize it was so big. (thats what she said)... i remember xp was under 5gb right? Glad i got the 60gb instead of the 30gb ssd, that would have been bad.

Ok, thanks for responding then.


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I remember when Windows 3.1 used 17 megabytes of disk space! LOL

yeah. If we going to start comparing a 1.44mb floppy to a 2tb... advancement good. Lets leave it there lol


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60 GB is plenty big enough for your OS drive, even when ALL apps are installed there. I have Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, Office 2010 (32 Bit) full install and quite a few other apps and only use about 25 GB of my OS partition. I would advise to move date (using the approved method) to the separate HD. I would be surprised if you use mor than half the SSD.

You are correct. The bare-bones Win7 OS is around 30, give or take; x86, slightly under & x64 slightly over. 60 is enough, just store data elsewhere & there is still room for customary programs, like, as mentioned, Office or whatever.



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I have a "barebones" Ultimate (64) installation on one of my laptops, purely for comparison purposes. It takes up just under 14Gbs. In use, making allowance for hibernation files, increasing prefetch size and pagefile use, it quickly swells to 18/19 Gbs.
But that, of course, is only a part of the story. Allwance has to be made for your own programs, possuble extended use of homegroups and add-ons/saved requiements of your installed programs.
Unless you are a dedicated game player, which can eat up disk space, I would also agree that 60 Gbs would be ample under most circumstances.


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You just don't want to install things like Age of Conan which takes up 27 Gigabytes all by itself.

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