Windows 7 Ulimate Full or Upgrade Questions


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I was able to download what I thought was Windows 7 64 bit from Microsoft's Website. I Hated Vista 64 bit so bad that I really didn't care what damage it did. It works so much better that I can't believe it. Faster also. Here is my problem. I was able to install it over the top of Vista 64 bit. I have been reading that when you buy the Ultimate version that you will not be able to install it (full version or upgrade) over the top of anything. This is a problem for some of us who have preinstalled software and the drivers are not singled out on back up application CDs.

My hope is that we can buy a full version Windows 7 Ultimate and install it over the top. Does anyone know? A couple of people here mentioned it may not install over the Win 7 Ultimate RC Candiate

Many programs that would not work in Vista 64 bit work just fine in Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate
I have cured one problem of Roxio 2009 as their patch for Vista 64 also works for Windows 7 64 bit.
I have another problem with Office 2007. Powerpoint and Excel will not allow you to click on the user file, i.e. in Excel. The .xls file gives error: "There was a problem sending the command to the program". However Word 2007 works OK.

The only program I have found that refuses to work is Family Treemaker 2006, Family Treemaker 2008, and then ONLY in the report functions that make a report in .pdf, xls, .rtf, etc...

I have everything the way I want it and some of the software has not authorizations left so I dont' want to have to lay it back down again.

Has anyone any answers for any of this???



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Thanks for the info.
What I was trying to ask is this:
I have Windows 7 Ultimate 7100 running fine. I want to buy Windows 7 ultimate Full and install it with a choice to keep programs and settings. If not, do I back up all programs in C Drive, save the registry, and reinstall the registry or is it not that simple????

I have a program that will back up EVERYTHING but will it go over a bare installation of Win 7 full and still function?

Have you had any feedback about Office 7 not opening up when clicking on it's own Document saved files to open the programs that correspond when running Office 7?

Has anyone had any experience with Internet Explorer 8 not functioning well under Windows 7 with the same and more problems it had in Vista 64 bit?

This forum made me log on 5 times, each time throwing me out and saying I was not logged on. It diverts me to the page I was last on forcing me to log on again. It keeps going around in circles. You will notice it dropped the original message even though I said keep it. That is why I directed this to Drew- as I am responding to his email.

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