Windows 7 Ultimate Problem

whats happening forum?

i have a few questions
first my system info:

BIOS: V1.20
it came with windows xp and over the years ive been using it with sp2 but then i started using windows 7 in my friends computers and really liked it, so i downloaded and installed windows 7 ultimate and now im having some issues:

1. graphics - win7 installed standard vga graphics adapter (version 6.1.7600.16385) and ive been trying to install drivers for windows 7 like intel, nvidia and ati but all of them say that i dont have the minimum requirements or compatible hardware for the driver.

2. device manager is listing in "other devices" Base System Device with an exclamation mark. ive looked on the internet how to fix it but none of them work :frown:

3.Windows Media Player and DVDs - windows media players runs very slow with videos and the audio is out of sync and with the dvds also a little bit slow, but for viewing dvds i used a different program called dvd x player wich always worked great but now since i have win7 it now gives me an error about macrovision and i cant watched the dvd :(

can anyone please help me? because of this cant watch my dvds or play video games:mad:

please someone help me, can my problem be solved? or do i have to go back to windows xp? :confused:

much thanks in advance :D

ill be waiting for your responses.

so 192 views and no one has the answer to my problem? :( please i need help
even if i go back to windows xp i still cant install the driver i used to have: intel extreme graphics. ive been using it with out issues but after installing win 7 for the first time and ran with this problems i went back to winxp and now cant install extreme graphics and gives me the same error that i dont have the minimum requirements or dont have the appropiate hardware. how can this be? i was doing fine before


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The Satellite with 0.5GB of RAM is seriously underpowered for Windows 7 and I'd go back to XP. You would be best off running a recovery install from your hard drive or toshiba recovery disks if you have them as these will give you the drivers you need. Failing that you should go to the toshiba site to download the recommended drivers for your satellite. You say you are running XP SP2 - you should also look at upgrading to SP3.

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