Windows 7 Ultimate - unable to accss pc via remote desktop

Hi, I don't use Windows much so excuse me if I am asking basic questions here.

Today is the first time I have had to access my work pc remotely so went out and bought Windows 7 Home. I accessed my works VPN network via the browser (have an icon in my taskbar called "network Connect" which tell me how long I have been connected for), I was able to ping my work PC but when I tried connect via Remote Desktop I was getting an error:

Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1)Remote Access to the server is not enabled 2) The remote computer is turned off 3) The remote computer is not available on the network Make sure the remote computer is turned on and connected to the network, and that remote access is enabled."

To cut a long story short realized that for whatever reason Remote Desktop is not enabled on Home so upgraded to Premium. Now I am not only can I not remote into my work PC, I can't even ping it.

Any ideas? I have Googled the hell out this and am just going round in circles.

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Don't feel like positing that all again so to summarise.

Installed Windows 7 Home

1. Connected to work VPN via browser
2. Was able to ping my work machine remotely
3. Was not able to connect via remote desktop
4. Disabling firewall did not help
5. Realised Home does not support Remote Desktop

Upgraded to Ulitmate

1. Connected to work VPN
2. Am unable to connect to pc remotely via remote desktop
3. Am unable to ping machine now (request timed out)
4. Deactivating firewall does not help.

Apologies if this is a dumb q, I am not very experience on Windows and have been googling the hell out of this and getting nowhere fast.

Anyone have any ideas?

#4 other post did get posted, weird, must have been a timing issue.

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