Windows 7 Ultimate (User Access Control) - Doesn't allow access to your own hard drives

Okay here we are end of 2010 & I'm still stuck at the same issue. Only difference is I had uninstalled Windows 7 Beta as I was using Dual Boot with Win XP. Now I have only one operating system installed the new Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. My previous folder 'My Music 2' was inaccessible for some stupid reason. Then I created 'My Music 3a' and I was setting up my apps on Win7, when I personalized the Homegroup name. As soon as I did that I was buzy still installing applications & I'd like to hear some music on the background. So I double clicked on the folder 'My Music 3a' that I've been using ever since the previous problem and suddenly I got the error:
- "You don't currently have permission to access this folder Click Continue to permanantly get access to this folder" and when I click continue it says You have been denied access to this folder.
Well I didn't click Continue this time but had it memorized from the problem I had two years ago...I'm still looking for a solution!!
A techwiz mentioned that I could pull out my alternate drive that I have all my music in & plug it in another PC & I should be able to access all my data; but I would like to know if anyone has tried that option?

Please please help...I am now with no music accessible and a fancy operating system that doesn't allow you to save or access files from your own hard drives.

It now shows 0 bytes in two of my folders that total to more than 100GB!!!

The problem was caused due to:

Personalization of Homegroup to another name. But once you change back you've lost access to your data.

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