Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Freeze


I Have Recently Done a Clean Install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Retail. I have literally tried everything but just do not understand why i Have A complete Freeze at Random Times( This freeze will have everything on the screen completely frozen and the mouse will move for maybe five seconds before also freezing.) Windows 7 Runs Good in Safe Mode So it has to be a driver is what i am thinking but i have no idea which one. I have updated the Display Driver numerous times. I tried Running the Display Driver that is there after the clean install, Which it froze still, I downloaded from Windows update, it Froze, I updated from Ati, It also froze. Like i said before I have also have ran in a virtual environment where it ran problem free with no freezes. I am completely stumped on this one. I have even look at the event viewer nothing really stands out before the critical Kernal Power error. I have also tried a registry cleaner and cleaned the registry that was the last thing i tried and still froze moments later also. I read on other forums that it could be the wireless but i have disabled the wireless device as i dont even use the wireless. My computer is a Homebuilt computer ASuS motherboard, AMD Quadcore, ATI Radeon 4800 series... I am positve it cannot be the RAM or anything like that because I run Vista Home Premium x64 flawlessly and have since i downloaded it. So I know It got to be some kind of compatibility issue i just have no idea where to start. If anybody has any idea it will be greatly appreciated because i am all out of ideas


Graphics Card Driver

Still convinced that it has to be my graphics card driver i unistalled my ATI Radeon 4800 series Display Adapter and Now i have no way of installing The Graphics Card Driver, I've Tried the CD that Came with it and it says does not support operating system so that doesn't work i've gone to the website and tried to download and everytime it gets to the downloading ATI Display Driver it fails out and says not for this platform, and i cannot even download the Windows Update device Driver anymore with the same doesn't match platform error. And of course all of these tries have been Interrupted by the Freezes lol, I like have to cross my fingers while it is installing hoping that it installs before the infamous freeze. I love how when i uninstalled the Video card Driver completely i thought it was fixed because it ran for five minutes longer than usual but then it froze again Anybody with a ATI RAdeon HD 4800 series could guide me to the correct device driver that you installed on computer would greatly be appreciated or any advice at all...

I'm starting to this Windows 7 is the biggest piece of shit i've ever seen since i've been working on computers... Damn just microsoft in General Blows



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Hi Jwood1988,
Welcome to the forum..
can you list your full system spec including as much detail as possible.. Whilst it could possibly be your graphics solution you might have to take other factors into consideration.. What about the board bios? Is it the latest version? This could easily reproduce your problems if it was out of date... Anyway post your spec and we'll see where we stand..:)

Edit: Just as a quick thought.. Try running this as it might give you a clue as to what could be the problem..

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System Specs

ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Series/Wifi-AP
AM2 + Socket
Chipset - AMD 790FX / SB600
DDR2 1066 RAM CORSAIR DOminator 2048 x2
PCI-E ATI Radeon 4800 Series i'm not sure Exactly
CPU: Phenom X4 quad core 64 bit
BIOS Update to 1903.ROM

Okay if it was a good OS it wouldn't completely lock up, just because of a bad Video Driver... , i'm sorry that you are offended but they really do SUCK everything i have ever used from microsoft has been a piece of shit. Xbox 360 (piece of shit) broke down because they wanted to put clamps shaped like x's on there processors (all they had to do is screw it in tight where it didn't get loose when it got a little hot.) Internet explorer (Piece of Shit) i dont know how many times i have tried to look up a website and it freeze or not respond or just not pull it up in general and then i use firefox and the website work perfectly. Microsoft Outlook (piece of shit) i dont know how many times this shit has messed up With a different problem everytime. Microsoft Word ( actually Okay) except for some tiny issues. The charge a shit load for everything server downloads, licenses and thing they can think of they put a price on. just because they added some extra video features will call it ultimate and we will put a ridiculous price on it. they make everything so damn closed source they don't let you modify anything. I can't wait till open source takes over, that way when stupid shit like this comes up i will be able to fix it myself instead of waiting for some lazy ass to come up with a fix. Although i will give m$ credit they can sell stuff but as far as quality they still have a ways to go other than that i don't have a problem with m$ there shit breaking all the time is why i have a job.

Win 7 Professional hangs also

I am experiencing system freezes also. So far I have disconnected all my USB devices including ups.
The system continues to hang, so times before it is done booting, other times it will run for days. Some sysmtoms seem to
be if it puts its self to sleep when waking it will 90% probability of hanging. The keyboard is locked out and the mouse stops responding after the blue tooth buffer fills. ( i think thats what is happening) My mouse blue tooth receiver is plugged into a desk hub that is built into the desk.

My drivers all seem to be up to date so at a lose as what to try next. I seem to have seen a early patch on microsoft for a quad core patch thast seemed like it might fit the bill but am unable to find it now.

I am running an HP m9100z with AMD phenom, NVIDIA 8500GT video

Not sure what to try next
suggestions welcome

I am running LogMeIn Hamachi which has a display mirroe driver

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What about system bios? Is it the latest version? Also have you checked for malware and viruses?

Joe S

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What antivirus and security software are you using? I had problems with AVG causing freezes on a certain file a few years a go. The file was XP service pack 2. Did you check to see if there was a Vista driver? sometimes that works.

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I had probs running a clean install Win 7 x64 Ultimate - Asus mboard, AMD quad-core, similar setup (but nVidia graphics' card - am not a huge ATI fan). Would get inexplicable errors reading CD-ROM and other install issues, including BSODs. Did you have any issues with any software installing on your machine? Any BSODs? This was particularly maddening to me since I had zero issues with this setup using Vista x64 Ultimate SP1. I too thought it wasn't memory after a year w/o issues in Vista. I upgraded and reset Asus BIOS (pulling out the jumper and resetting), set the memory to the 2.1 volts suggested by Corsair, but this didn't stop the issue either (I had 2 DVDs of the 7; it installed fine on my laptop but neither worked on my desktop system so it wasn't bad media either). When I went on the Corsair tech board, they had specified that this particular motherboard (and I assume others as well) while supporting 8gb in this config, 8gb did not pass their "certification test." 4gb was the norm. I pulled out 2x 2gb sticks, down to 4gb total (all Corsair CM2x2048-8500C5D matched sticks), reduced memory speed to 800mhz and 2.1 volts. All installled ok and everything is "stable" now. Memory tests in Windows 7 come back w/o error.

If memory (mine this time) serves, this memory issue seems to crop up with every OS that MS releases, stretching back to the Win95 days. Even though your memory worked perfectly in the same config with an earlier OS, don't assume that it's not memory - even Vid cards, too. I've made or modified my systems since 1984 and while prices have come down on the parts tremendously the time you waste hasn't and the help you get is hit or miss. My Win 2003 R2 server x64 is running 8gb w/o issue but not this OS.

Hope this helps and good luck.

I had similar issues with 64bit Windows 7 Professional and once I did all the windows updates (which also updated audio and video drivers), everything is now OK.

I just built out a new system and i am experiencing mysterious freezes as well.
This was to be a "dream" system and its become much less than that. sigh.
Nothing is overclocked.
EVGA x79 Classified Mobo
Intel 3930 cpu w/intel cooler
32G DDR3 Crucial memory
EVGA GeForce GTX 570 video
750w power supply
Coolermaster case with 4 fans
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I have been experiencing complete freezes where the mouse stops, video stays up but keyboard response is gone (pressing caps lock does not work) and ctrl-alt-del does nothing.

Pretty frustrating, there are NO events in the eventlogs and I am out of ideas on how to track this down. Would appreciate ANY help from you folks...




Does sound like a driver issue; heat issues (I would replace the intel cooler fan with something better) usually trigger BSOD. I had issues with an Asus motherboard + crucial 750w PS. Began freezing up at irregular intervals. Then became more regular, and finally got a few BSODs. Tried different memory, CPU, video card. And was only when I decided to swap Powersupplies that I discovered the issue: the 8 pin 12v powersupply connection to the motherboard had 3 pins fried. Would have never guessed that was the issue. Had to use a screwdriver and pliers to pull off the cord.

Got a replacement (same) motherboard, bought a different PS (not a Crucial), and a year or so later no issues.

Check your CPU heat -- use SpeedFan.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, its an intel liquid cooler - not the best but I think it is quite adequate to keep the cpu cool.

I am looking for a tool to view the cpu temps...

I downloaded the NVIDIA beta driver, now running 301.24 and that seems to have helped, we'll see!

Thanks for the advice!


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