First of all i know there's a lot of topics here that has the same problem as mine but unfortunately i didn't see any answers to my problem.

I have a windows 7 ultimate installed on my laptop, it was working fine and i shut down the system normally. but when i tried to open it again the "startup repair" came up. so i tried to click on repair since i thought it was just an error on restarting my laptop. but then i started wondering when my laptop keeps on showing me the "startup repair" and it always stucked-up in that screen. i tried to look for an answer in different sites and no solutions.. :(

btw, the error i get from startup repair when i looked into the log is:
"boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\ygfrz.sys is corrupt" <-- i don't know how did that file got corrupted, i didn't install, download or scan anything before the issue occurred.

i followed some of the steps that i can find on other sites like:

1. Try using a Windows Repair Disc (burn it on the cd/bootable)
2. try to repair it with the original Windows 7 Ultimate installer
3. tried the /FixMbr, /FixBoot, etc.

Here's my main problem:

i can reformat my laptop, i can fix the problem by just installing a fresh windows 7 ultimate, but the issue is not whether i can reformat it or install a new one but to GET MY FILES from the hard disk without having to reformat it.. so that's the MAIN issue why i made this tread. any help, suggestions and comments are much appreciated. I just want to get my files.. thanks:(

btw, one last thing i also tried accessing my files by command prompt and it seems that it doesn't show the contents of my hard disk.

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Looks almost certainly liek a malware infection - can you boot into safe mood and run MBAM? (malware bytes anti malware)

@patcooke: nope i cant boot my system in safe mode or any options that is available in the F8 menu.. it always stuck in the startup repair and tried everything in that option still no luck..

@Cybercore: no i haven't tried Kaspersky Rescue disk. gonna try that later after i try the Bitdefender rescue disk..

thanks guys.. i'll inform you about the progress..


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Bitdefender rescue disk did not resolve any of my problems in booting up. it scanned malwares and able to delete/quarantine them but i'm still stucked up in that startup repair screen..
i tried kaspersky rescue disk10 and did not do anything.. after the scan i rebooted my laptop and the same thing happen, it brought me back to the startup repair screen..

thanks for the help guys.. if you know any other option that can fix my issue just let me know.. thanks..


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There are two way for your case here:

First you could boot your computer into your windows 7 installation disk and choose to repair your computer from there.

Second you could take out the hard drive from your laptop and put it in another pc to backup all your files then do a clean install

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