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I am sure this question has been answered but since I only have dial up it will take 6 months to check all the help and forums on windows 7 for answers. I am becomming overwhelmed. I have a brand new Toshiba laptop with lots of power.
I went to the library where I can get high speed and downloaded 15 new updates today. However they are taking hours to install. 2 questions:
1. do I have to be online to install downloaded updates and why is it taking hours to install the larger ones?
2. why am I getting a lot of failed updates? I know answers are provided but they do not really make it easy to understand.


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1. No you do not have to be online to install pre-downloaded updates

2. If you are getting failed updates, it could be due to a number of reasons.

In your case, it sounds like the hard drive is at fault. A faulty or slow hard drive will bottleneck installs like this and result in failed updates. The checksums won't match or files won't write properly due to hard drive problems.

With the computer being slow overall, I can't imagine it being a separate issue. If you have a 3rd party anti-virus like McAfee, Symantec, Norton, AVG, or whatever, you need to make sure its disabled while performing this process. Anti-virus products interact with the hardware abstraction layer on the computer, and if written poorly (most of the pre-bundled ones are), you will have difficulties.

Thank you Mike.
I returned the computer to the place I bought it: Staples. After attempting to reboot yesterday, after doing updates an error screen came on and it froze there. It would appear that the computer is flawed and the error did mention the drives being compromised in some way. It was failing to respond. Fortunately since the computer is new the store will replace it free. I use Panda Personal Internet Security so I will disable it when I do updates in the future.


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Better to find out now than later. I am very happy to know I have helped and you will in fact get a brand new laptop :)

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