Windows 7 update ruining my computer? plz help

i have a windows 7 vista 64bit (or 62, not sure) and for a while now i have been have the same problem... first of all, windows updates keep on failing! practically all of them. After the update, it requires me to restart the computer because some of the updates can not be completed while the system is running. as it reboots, it goes to screen where the resolution is REALLY zoomed in, and it says the computer did not start up properly (start up repair).

this might be a minor problem but im not too akin with computers. plz help.

this happens every time it makes me restart or when i shut it down. (so i just leave it on sleep, but that never helps cuz theres an automated windows update restart timer)

ALSO! i heard that i needed an anti virus program so i got one.
VIPRE, the first atempt. Windows update. Restarts. Start up repair. then VIPRE is completely GONE from my computer. (not just vipre but some other programs as well)

Microsoft securty essencials, the second attempt. SAME THING HAPPENS. its completely gone. as if i never had it.

plz help, as your kindness will be repaid. :)


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Are you saying you have a Windows and Vista Dual boot? Or is it a Windows 7 install over a previous Vista install, and if so did you do a custom install or an upgrade install?

Does the restart problem happen when you just do a restart without Windows update involved?

Possibly Windows Update is giving you a video driver update that is not compatible. You might check the Windows Update panel to see if any video drivers are being offered.

The fact a program disappears, might mean your system is restoring. Does any of the anti-virus programs you have do boot detection for viruses, or have a bootable version on CD?


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I believe you probably had a virus infection prior to installing an AV app. Many of the MS updates are for security puposes and the virus is preventing any updates from working.

You may have to boot to Safe Mode, download and run Malwarebytes antimalware app and san with some online AV apps. Do a Google search for AV online scanning.

If all else fails you might have to format and reinstall. The first additional app you install should be an AV/AM app before installing any other apps. Then keep all apps up to date.

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