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FWIW, when I installed KB2762895 yesterday, a number of startup programs apparently failed to initialize on reboot, among them McAfee, iCloud, Secunia and Google Drive. The icons were missing from the tray. When I checked on returning them to the tray by customizing via the Start menu, it indicated that they were not running. I rebooted again and more background programs did not initialize. I removed the update via System Restore and all is well.

I just installed the update and it disconnected me from the internet saying there was something wrong with my ethernet cable. I used system restore and everything is working again. I won't be installing this update again!


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Shows as a reccomended not critical, so not installing should be OK. I intsalled without issue so it must be only a problem with certain hareware or software.


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I haven't installed it yet, but it is available. The update seems to be related to installers or ways certain utilities were installed and possibly also .Net

Application Compatibility Update for Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2: November 2012

You folks might read about it and the one it replaces (KB2402386) to see what you think it means. But to me, it appears to be related to the messages that pop up about installer compatibility with Windows 7. Maybe, any prior instances of allowing a program to run or install after dismissing the compatibility message could be involved.

But I will wait a couple of days before I try to install it, just in case... *-)


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Can everyone having an issue please do something for me?
elevate cmd
cd /d c:\
dir setupverifier.exe /s

send me the listing.

GovM (Microsoft)

I got the following

error msg.png

Hopefully this works


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I got the following

Please re-upload your image - the link is broken and the image can't be seen.


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I got the following

View attachment 21980

Hopefully this works

It does. You don't have the exe that we are targetting in that update. That update couldn't have been the cause. Are you certain that was the only update installed?

Yep, there was only one update and it says successfully installed in my update history. It is still showing as the only one I need to install now. I restarted my computer twice and it would not connect to the internet. Then I used system restore to go back, and it worked again. I will hide the update if it is not something I need anyway.


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