Windows 7 upgrade failed

I failed to upgrade from home to ultimate because some driver error and now when i try to upgrade it says i don'y have enough space when i have over 400gb of free space.

Also on a side note, i installed a wireless card that was corrupt and then bought a newer one and got ride of the corrupt Driver but somehow when ever i load up internet or anything that needs Nt Kernel my pc freezes. Used to get blue screen from the driver and now i get frozen Pc from the Kernel. how would i update my Kernel?

Oh on top it off, when i boot i have a windows Setup option that gives me some boot manger error.

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1. NT Kernel: most likely that's a hardware driver issue. If you had any recent bsod's, attach your minidump(s). What does the event viewer say?

(To repair system files, use cmd >sfc /scannow)

2. Run Download details: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Does that Sfc repair Windows Files?

And i already did teh Upgrade advisor it just tells me some of my programs might not work, otherwise it says its fine.

Just when i run the update it got to expanding files or something like that then something about a driver not being able to install and now it says i dont have enough space... if windows creates a Upgrading folder or something of that sort i\, then wouldn't if it got deleted it will make it be able to create the new one right? So does it create a folder or use a folder that it creates that i can delete?

Oh! And even more, i dont get to blue screen, i just freezes. I know its a Kernel cuz thats what error i was getting when i had teh old wireless card in, and it said it was like ntkr***.exe. And then there was a wd*01000.sys or something like that

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The Sfc thing said it found errors but could not fix some. So what does that mean? And i am not on the Pc with the problems. it is not attached to the internet ATm but i can put it on it?


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You are trying to upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium to Win 7 Ultimate? If so, it seems strange a driver would be a problem unless you had upgraded from an earlier OS prior to this. Are you using the anytime upgrade to move to another version of Win 7?

As far as the wireless, open device manager and go to the properties. Then the driver tab and select uninstall. It should ask if you want to remove all versions of the driver, so you can select yes.

If you have had a failed install attempt, there may be drivers/files left in an indefinite state. The reason SFC says it can't fix something is because it can't find a good backup to use. I had that problem with one file Dell used on my laptop. They had altered the file which caused it so show as not a correct replacement according to Microsoft.

I am trying to upgrade home to Ult yes. And i am using the windows 7 ult disc.

Its not drivers, its where ever windows upgrade saves its temp files to expand. it says its full or maybe it already has stuff in it.

Also on top of having windows setup on boot screen with bad bootmgr, when i go to repair using the disc there is another partition that says windows setup and its on the same HD as my windows 7 and the same size, wtf? Like it virtually made a copy of it and made it the same size but not the physical space..


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I may be wrong but I do not think you can upgrade from a Win 7 version to another Win 7 version. You will probably need to boot to the Ultimate DVD and do a custom install. You will then have to use the Key for the Ultimate version to activate. If your Win 7 Ultimate DVD is a upgrade version, I am not even sure it will activate if Win 7 Home is the prior OS.

The Anytime Upgrade Microsoft sells is specifically for upgrading from one version of Win 7 to another version.

If this is a laptop, there may be some type of recovery utility that could possibly interfere with an install.

I have not tried either type of install myself, so maybe someone else will know for sure.

yes you can, i have before, its just this time i got a error, i've done both the upgrade and the other.

If i am guessing right, windows upgrade created a Shadow Copy on my pc and if my understanding of the words Shadow and Copy are right, it is quite indeed possible that windows created a back up on my HD but so it wont take space it made it where it will be there but not in the way; IE a shadow copy. If i can delete that and delete system files it might be able to upgrade, i will try this and hope it works.

I solved the problem it was indeed the shadow copy feature, so yea.. no help from people here. But yea thanks i guess for trying.

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